<h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p><h3>SMIT 2018 Conference</h3><p>Seoul (Korea) 08-10 November 2018</p>

oral presentations



Single-marker based navigation system for image-guided percutaneous intervention


L. Kara, J. Kettenbach, M. Peterhans, et al



Catheter Manipulation in Navigating Bifurcations in a Transparent Vascular Model


H. Clogenson, J. van den Dobbelsteen, J. Dankelman



Steerable Needle with Shape Sensing for MR-Guided Interventions


Kirsten Henken, Jenny Dankelman, John van den Dobbelsteen



Digital Operating Room Assistant – Tracking Surgical Patients in an Eye Hospital


L.S.G.L. Wauben 1, A.C.P. Gu?©don, L.M.A. Vankan



Electromedical Maintenance Management System in Surgery Facilities Based on Rfid Technology


Antonio Lara-Vega, Jos?© Blas Pagador-Carrasco, Marcos Lucas-Hern?°ndez



Realtime Data Acquisition in the Surgical Operation Theatre For Analysis of The Workflow


A. Schneider, D. Wilhelm, M. Kranzfelder



Or-Staff Driven Product Innovation; Improving Eronomics and Logistics in the Operating Theater


Joris Jaspers, Matthijs Wassink



Bioengineering Initiative at Children's National Medical Center: a Collaboration between Engineers and Physicians to Advance Pediatric Surgical Care


Kevin Cleary, Raymond Sze, Raj Shekhar et al



Photonics for Robotic Surgical Guidance


Mario E. Giardini, Nikola Krstajic, Praveen C. Ashok, et al



Design of A Multi-Purpose Training Box for Laparoscopic Surgery


Chen Zen, Chengli Song



Surgical Skills Assessment With A Virtual Reality Simulator After an Intensive Laparoscopic Training Course For General Surgeons


Enciso Sanz S, D??az-G?ºemes Mart??n-Portugu?©s, et al



Study On Transfer Of Basic Skills Aquired On The Lapsim Virtual Reality Trainer to a clinical Setting


Cecilie V?•penstad , Magdalena Karolina Chmarra,Erlend Fagertun Hofstad, et al



Virtual Reality Trainer For Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery– Initial Results


Cecilie V?•penstad , Erlend Fagertun Hofstad , Anders Debes et al.



Validation of the Lagomorph Animal Model for Training and Skills Acquisition on Neonatal Laparoscopic Surgery


F. J. P?©rez-Duarte, I. Cano, I. D??az-Gu?emes, M.A. S?°nchez-Hurtado



Design and Validation of a Training Program On Paediatric Thoracoscopic Surgery in Spain


F. J. P?©rez-Duarte1, I. D??az-Gu?emes1, M.A. S?°nchez-Hurtado et al



Human Robot Interaction Analysis during Robotic Comanipulation of Medical Instruments


Xavier Giralt, Alicia Casals, Josep Amat



An Optimised Electromagnetic System for Endoscopic Capsule Propulsion: Report on a Benchtop Feasibility Study


Cathal ?ì Lion?°ird, Se?°n P. Walsh, Lorraine Barry et al



Safer Surgery in Elderly Patients


Calin Tiu, Alexandru Negoita



Visualization Method of Pressure and Stress Inside the Aorta


Nobuhiko Mukai, Masashi Nakagawa, Kiyomi Niki



Supervised Learning Based On Support Vector Machine to Segment the Liver In Mri


JL Moyano-Cuevas, FM S?°nchez-Margallo, I Dopido



Markerless Navigation For Percutaneous Needle Insertions


A. Seitel, M. Servatius, A.M. Franz



Modeling Method of The Male Urethra from Endoscopic Imagery Toward The Least Invasive Surgery for Patients with Voiding Dysfunction


Takuro Ishii, Yoichi Kambara, Yoshikazu Nakamura, et al



Vessel-Based Deformable Registration for Assessment of Liver Shift and Deformation in an Animal Model due to Pneumoperitoneum in Laparoscopy


Vijayan S, Hofstad EH2, Reinertsen I, et al



Addressing Information Gaps in Interventional Radiology - Tips Procedures


CF Cuijpers ?Ö, A Moelker ?á, E Varga et al



3d Blood Vessel Centreline Extraction For Catheter Based Navigation


Rahul Prasanna Kumar, Fritz Albergtsen, Ole Jakob Elle



Digital Elimination of Image Interferences In The Surgeon's Field of Vision in Laparoscopy


Marita Falkinger, Armin Schneider, Dirk Wilhelm



A Novel Ambulant Monitoring System for Lower Extremity Loading During Fracture Healing


Meeks MDME, Holtslag HR, Bakker A, et al



Sensorized Capsule for Detection of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding


Sebastian Schostek, Stefan Zamida, Mario Fode, et al



Implementation of Internet of Things in The Monitoring of Patients of a Morbid Obesity Program. The Wifiobese Program.


R. Vilallonga, (J. M. Fort, O. Gonzalez, et al



Shaping Patient Specific Templates for Arthroplasty to Obtain High Docking Robustness


Joost Mattheijer, Just L. Herder, Gabrielle J.M. Tuijthof, et al



CODIR: Colon Disease Investigation by Robotic Hydro-colonoscopy


Luigi Manfredi, Stuart Brown, Jordan Boyle, et al



A New Instrument Changing System for Flexible Surgical Platforms


A. Fiolka1, A. Schneider1, H. Feussner



Experimental Evaluation of a Novel Handheld Articulating Laparoscopic Instrument Driven by Robotic Technology


Francisco M. S?°nchez Margallo, Juan A. S?°nchez Margallo, ?Ålvaro Carrero Guti?©rrez



Cost Effective Alternatives for Robotic Systems in Minimally Invasive Surgery


Joris Jaspers1, Jesse Bosma1, Arto Boeken Kruger



Assistant Robot for Magnetic Field Control in Surgery and Endoscopy: Concept and Applications


Sebastian Schostek, Michael Melbert, Stefan Zamida, et al



Sensor-Controlled Magnetic Locomotion in Wireless Endoscopy: The Vector Platform


Sebastian Schostek, Michael Melbert, Liele Mukarker, et al



Notes Vs Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. A Prospective Randomiced Trial


Angel Cuadrado, Jos?© F Noguera , Rafael Morales, et al



Contribution of the New Approaches N.O.T.E.S. and Single Incision Surgery to the Ambulatory Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy





Development of a Novel Multichannel Port (X-Gate®) for Reduced Port Surgery and its Initial Clinical Results


Takashi Tanida, Eiji Kanehira, Kunihisa Siozawa, et al



Bendable Forceps, Needle Forceps, and A Multichannel Port to Revive the Lost Triangle in Single Incision Endoscopic Surgery


Eiji Kanehira, Kunihisa Shiozawa, Takashi Tanida



Is Single-Port Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Safe? Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Alberto Arezzo, Gitana Scozzari, Federico Famiglietti, et al



Which Treatment for Large Rectal Adenomas? Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery or Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection? Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Regression


Arezzo A, Passera R, Verra M



A Computer Algorithm for Automatic Tracking of Catheters Marked with Resonant Coils in MR


Abubakr El-Tahir, Rafael Palomar, Frederic Courivaud



Towards Robotic Open Microsurgery


Jordi Campos, Al??cia Casals, Josep Amat, et al



Robotically Assisted Pediatric Cochlear Implant Surgery


Kevin Cleary, Mahdi Azizian, Kevin Gary, et al



Development of Bending Transformative Endoscope for Multifunctionalization


Shinichirou Suda, Tadao Matsunaga, Yoichi Haga



Gait Analysis of Human Amputees in use of Passive Prothesis


Camila Cadena De Almeida, Bruna Oliveira De Almeida Marques Da Cruz, Juliana Aparecida Moreira, et al



Fiber Bragg Grating Based Force Sensing Needle


M Gahler, KR Henken, A Juanid, et al



Puncture Forces in Epidural Needle Insertion


W Boessenkool, DJ Van Gerwen, M Vogt



Biomimetic Approach to Active Wireless Endoscopy


Birte L??ffler, Sebastian Schostek, Michael Melbert, et al



Two-Dimensional Magnetic Catheter Navigation with Applications in Endoscopy


Diarmaid Hogan, Mark Healy, James Griffiths et al



Ergonomic Handle Design for Laparoscopic Surgery


Liu Bin, Song Chengli



Fine Tilt Tuning of a Laparoscopic Camera by an Internal Magnets Actuation System: Two Port Nephrectomy Experience on Human Cadavers


Massimiliano Simi, Ryan Pickens, Arianna Menciassi, et al



Mini-Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy As a Standard Procedure


Masahiro Waseda



Preliminary Comparison of Three Single Access Trocars During Cut Manoeuvres on Simulator


Ana Mar??a Matos-Azevedo1, Francisco Juli?°n P?©rez-Duarte1, Francisco Miguel S?°nchez-Margallo



Laparoscopy for Rectal Cancer Reduces Short-Term Mortality and Morbidity. Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Alberto Arezzo, Roberto Passera, Gitana Scozzari



Efficacy Of The Over-The-Scope Clip (Otsc) for Treatment of Colorectal Postsurgical Leaks and Fistulas


Alberto Arezz , Mauro Verra, Rossella Reddavid et al



Laparoscopic Ultrasound Training System


Chmarra MK, Hofstad EF, Hansen R, V?•penstad C, et al



Wii Balance Board As A Tool for Ergonomic Evaluation During Surgical Training


Repilado Regod??n JM, Pagador Carrasco JB, Lucas Hern?°ndez M, et al



A Study of Psychmotor Skills for Minimally Invasive Surgery: What Differentiates Expert and Non-Expert Performance?


Hofstad EF, V?•penstad C, Chmarra MK, et al



A Survey on Procedural Virtual Reality Training in Laparoscopy


Cecilie V?•penstad, Sonja Paus-Buzink, Ronald M?•rvik, et al



Current and Future Perspective in Ultrasound Therpay – Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound in Moving organs – FUSIMO


Calin Tiu, Alexandru Negoita



Motion Estimation From 4d (3d+Time) Ultrasound of The Liver And Kidney


Lang?? T, Klein S, Lindseth F, Vijayan S, et al



Over 100nm Wavelength Image Detection by Head-Scanning Mechanism for Near-Infrared


Kenji Komoriya, Hiroshi Takemura, Hiroshi Mizoguchi



Development Of Over-1000 Nm near Infrared (Otn-Nir)
-Fluorescent Nanophosphors and Application for Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery


Tamotsu Zako, Hiroshi Hyodo, Kohei Soga



Hyper-Spectral Imaging of Brain Activity During Functional Neurosurgery of Patients with Epilepsy


Herke Jan Noordmans, John Klaessens, Cyrille Ferrier et al



Surgical Workflow Mining and Outlier Detection Using Endoscopic Video Logs


L. Bouarfa, J.Dankelman



Towards Two-Photon Endomicorscopy for Applications in Humans: Characterization and Optimization of a FS Laser Source In A Fiber Bundle


Omar E. Olarte, Domenico Demasi, Katharina Thomsen et al



Automatic Registration of CT Images to Patient during The Initial Phase of Bronchoscopy – A Clinical Pilot Study


Hofstad EF, Lang?? T, Leira H, et al



Versatile Robotic Probe Calibration For Freehand 3d Ultrasound


Lars Eirik B??, Erlend Fagertun Hofstad, Frank Lindseth



Multimodal Navigated 3D Ultrasound and Mri Registration of The Ankle: Case Report


Muller S1, Askeland C1, Kok A.C, et al



Panoramic Image of the Laparoscopy As Index of the Original Video Frames For Laparoscopic Surgery


Takuro Ishii, Satoki Zenbutsu, Tatsuo Igarashi



Image-Guided Platform for the Radio Frequency Ablation of The Liver Tumours


Lucio T. De Paolis , Matteo Scaramuzzi, Francesco Ricciardi



Utilizing Radiowaves For Proctology Surgery- A New Modality


Pravin J.Gupta



The Broad-View Camera System Improves the Difficult Situation due to The Mirror Image of Laparoscopic Surgery In Vivo Model


Hiroyuki Egi, Minoru Hattori, Masakazu Tokunaga



Design And Development of Smart Laparoscopic Graspers Which Inhibit Slip


A Brown, S Brown, D Mclean



Endoscope Test Systems To Assure The Optical Quality of Endoscopes In Clinical Practice


Herke Jan Noordmans, Rens Wientjes, Martin W Nelisse



Application of Autologous Platelet-Derived Growth Factors in Digestive Anastomosis on Animal Model


J.A. Fat?°s, F.J. P?©rez-Duarte, M.A. S?°nchez-Hurtado et al



OR Illumination System Using Robotic Lamps and Microsoft Kinect


Rafael Palomar, Nguyen Ho Quoc Phuong et al