About USST

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) is located in northeast part of Shanghai with more than one hundred years of history. The university was originally established in 1906, now USST has 15 schools and 2 colleges, 17,000 undergraduates, 5,000 master students and 330 PhD students.

USST has a lot of research projects in science and technology including national high-tech projects, basic research projects, and projects from National Natural Science Foundation and industry. With new funding scheme from Shanghai government, USST is open for wider international collaboration with respected institutions from all over the world.

School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering

School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering is one of the major schools of USST, specialized in education of medical instrument, medical engineering and food technology. It is the only school with advanced programs in medical devices in China. The school has over 20 laboratories in the area of biomedical engineering, instrument design, bioelectronics, medical image and food safety engineering.

School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering provides training for engineers and managers on biomedical engineering, medical devices, food processing technology, food safety and quality. There are 1800 undergraduates and 300 post gradates within the school. The school can award degrees in Bachelor, Master and PhD in biomedical and food engineering. Many graduates from the school are now working in CFDA, medical devices industry and hospitals all over China, they have played and will continue to play a decisive role in the development of China medical devices industry.

With the newly developed Shanghai Institute for Minimally Invasive TherapySIMIT, the laboratory area has reached 8,000 square meters, the school now has the most advanced teaching and research facilities on medical devices in China, many research projects have won national awards in medical technology, extensive collaboration has been developed with medical industry and international partners.

SIMIT Introduction

Shanghai Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy (SIMIT) is a research center for advanced medical device research established by Ministry of Education in 2006. It has financial supports from the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Government and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST).

The mission of SIMIT is to be a national center for development and commercialization of medical devices, serving the industry by training the next generation of experts in advanced medical technology. SIMIT is well equipped with all latest research and manufacturing technology with its current research interests in cardiovascular interventional devices, minimally invasive surgical instruments, and related areas of precise mechanics, electronic design, biomaterials and biomedical imaging research.