Technical Committee

1. Richard M. Satava, MD FACS

Professor Emeritus of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Washington Medical Center

Professor Satava has been continuously active in surgical education and surgical research, with more than 200 publications and book chapters in diverse areas of advanced surgical technology, including Surgery in the Space Environment, Video and 3-D imaging, Telepresence Surgery, Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation, and Objective Assessment of Surgical Competence and Training.

 2. Amir Szold, M.D.

Director, Post graduate Courses, Surgery, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 

Professor Szold’s current research topics are nitinol devices, virtual reality simulators, robotics, articulating instruments, soft tissue replacements, and 3D vision.



3. Hak-Kim Chan

Professor of Pharmaceutics (Advanced Drug Delivery), Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney

Professor Chan is a world leader in respiratory drug delivery. Over a decade since joining the University of Sydney, he has developed a leading research program on aerosol drug delivery, ranging from in vitro, ranging from powder production by novel processes, particle engineering and aerosol formulation, to scintigraphic imaging of lung deposition and clinical outcome.

4. Mr. Simon Li

President of Greater China & Corporate Vice President Medtronic

As a widely acclaimed business leader in the industry, a “pioneer” of the medical industry, Mr. Li enjoys very high reputation in China’s medical industry. In view of his outstanding management abilities and significant contributions to the society, in 2004 he was awarded White Magnolia Award issued by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. In 2008, Mr. Li. was awarded “Pioneer Leader Award” of the ‘Multinational Corporation Leader since the Reform and Opening-up’ selection hosted by the Global People magazine under the People’s Daily Group, becoming one of the 5 corporate leaders conferred such honor. Meanwhile, he is also a member of International Health Exchange Committee, an organization supervised by Ministry of Health of PRC.

5. Tang Benjie

Senior Lecturer, Associate director

Dr Tang has made special achievements in education training of minimally invasive surgery and human factors engineering. He also developed and perfected the minimally invasive surgery training center at the university of Dundee, making it the Europe's largest and the world's leading minimally invasive surgical training center. Dr Tang has successively published more than 96 papers in many international top journals.

6. Eiji Kanehira

Director of Ageo Medical Group Endosurgery Academy

Chief of the Endocopic Surgery Division, Department of surgery, Ageo Central General Hospital

Eiji Kanehira is a surgeon specializing in advanced endoscopic surgery in such digestive organs as stomach, colorectal, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, endoluminal, and so on.

7. Andreas Melzer

Professor of “Medical Technology” and head of Division, Founding Director of the Institute for Medical Science and Technology IMSaT of the Universities Dundee and St Andrews, Scotland Board member of the “Clinical Research Centre” at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee Director of the Joint Research Institute Medical Technology of the Northern Research partnership NRP, (Universities Aberdeen, Robert Gordon and Dundee)

20 years experiences in the development on medical technology for laparo-endoscopic surgery, interventional radiology, Interventional and Intraoperative MRI and Robotics, surgical Instrumentation, robotics and Nitinol devices with  named on 103 patents and over 200 publications, more than 500 orals and poster presentations .

8.Gu Lixu

Professor,Department of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Director of the laboratory of image guided surgery and therapy (IGST), the department of Biaomedical Engineering and Med-X research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University. His research interests include Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Image guided Surgery and Therapy. Dr. Gu is the author of over 130 papers on related research area, and is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); the social chair and PC member of the 27th IEEE EMBS conference in Shanghai. He was awarded the best poster in the 17th congress of computer assisted radiology and surgery (CARS) in London, UK, in 2003 and serves as the program committee member of the CARS. He served as an associate editor for both the IEEE Trans. On Information Technology in Biomedicine and the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. He is also active in the international research groups of ISBI, MIAR, ITAB and EMBC.

9.Chen Lan

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Associate Professor and Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Dr. Chen Lan , Associate professor in Pharmaceutical Engineering, is working on pharmaceutical and food processing technology and the innovation device/equipment design. She obtained a PhD in Engineering Thermal Physics in 2004 from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and was a senior visiting scholar at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in 2012-2013. Her main research interests are dry powder inhalation preparation, inhaler design and the interaction mechanisms between powder and device. She has published about 50 scientific papers in Chinese and International peer-reviewed Journals. During the past six years, Dr. Chen has built a very close collaboration with the industrial partners, including pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment companies, through their joint projects. She is a member of the Expert Committee of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment, member of National Technical Committee on Pharmaceutical Equipment of Standardization Administration of China and a Council member of Test Technique Branch of the Chinese Ceramic Society (TTC).

10.Yu Hongliu 

Professor, Ph.D,Institute of  Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Dr. Yu Hong-liu is a professor and the director of the Institute of  Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology, University of Shanghai for Science and TechnologyUSST. He obtained his Ph. D degree with the study of rehabilitation engineering and intelligent control and is now responsible for leading the program and discipline of Rehabilitation Engineering in institute of medical instrument and food engineering, USST.

Professor Yu has long been engaging in teaching, researching and engineering practice in the fields of rehabilitation engineering and medical instruments. He has published over 90 papers and 3 books, and applied for more than 60 patents in rehabilitation engineering.